8 Tips For Being Healthy When You Sit At a Desk All Day

We all know that to stay healthy, we need to eat nutritiously and work out, but if you sit at an office all day, you know how hard it can be to keep up on these habits. It’s important to search out further things to remain healthy if you have got a stable job and pay most of it slow sitting, as you are at a better risk for health issues down the road from being a lot of inactive. Still, the facts show that we have an inclination to should be proactive using well and moving enough during the day so as to avoid weight gain, stress, and tired fitness. So, in an attempt to be a lot of health-conscious, here are eight little changes you’ll build at work to extend your activity and improve your overall health.


Take Hourly Breaks

Sitting at your table for hours and hours will harm your health: an excessive amount of sitting is coupled with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and even dementedness. And because sitting is that the new smoking, it’s positively a proper plan to interrupt the habit. Try obtaining up from your table once AN hour and on the move for regarding 5 minutes. This will activate muscles and promote blood flow. Taking breaks helps you improve focus, in keeping with this 2008 study, so they can improve performance. But long stretches of work can be hard on your body. According to Scientific yank, “Maintaining regular focus or navigating stringent intellectual territory for many hours greatly will burn enough energy to go away one feeling tired.”


Eat a Healthy Breakfast

It’s tempting to rush out the door and just grab your morning coffee, but do yourself a favor and allow yourself some breakfast. Start your day right by consumption a wholesome breakfast. This will provide you with the energy and nutrients that will lead to increased concentration and productivity. Eating healthy breakfast will help you to be active the whole day and feel fresh. You can do yoga as well whenever you get time along with breakfast; this will increase the chances of staying fit more often.


Drink A Lot of Water

Get yourself a reusable bottle and keep it on your table. Make yourself drink a minimum of one full bottle before lunch, and one full one before you come back at the top of the day. Drinking water can keep you fuller and fewer tempted to snack on empty calories. Very often, thirst is mistaken for hunger, and we incorrectly snack. Sleepiness is commonly caused by dehydration also, so keep yourself well hydrated by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. You can add lemon or lime in your water for additional flavor.


Go Out For Lunch

While ordering GrubHub on to your workplace could sound wonderful, eating, and working at the same time doesn’t do wonders for your physical health. Take advantage of your lunch break to require a mental break. Your muscles will be moved, get fresh air, and even have some time to chat with co-workers. Sometimes it’s arduous to need a chance once you have heaped on your plate, but getting out of the office will refresh your body and your brain—even if it’s a 15-minute date with a bench and your brown-bag lunch. Go outside or take a walk near the building. For most, lunchtime is that the only time of the day you have got for yourself. Take advantage of it!


Stand Instead of Sit

Sitting for long periods is bad for you. The American Medical Association has even asked employers to let their employees stand up at work in their recommendations. It’s a growing trend and one that you just ought to take into account if given a choice. One study found that excessive sitting finally ends up in worse health, however, if participants replaced 2 hours on a daily basis withstanding, they showed lower blood glucose levels, lower sterol, and lower risk of heart disease.


Take The Stairs Instead of The Elevator

Like a drool-worthy hamburger, it’s hard to say “no” to taking the elevator. But honestly, there’s no easier way to get cardio in during your work week than by taking a few stairs. As you’ll be able to most likely guess, opting for the stairs is good for your body: It increases your heart rate, improves your energy, and can increase the functionality of your immune system. Before you recognize it, you’ll be running up five flights and beating the elevator to the top. Everywhere you can add steps into your day is helpful. If you can’t take the steps all the way to your floor, take rest in between. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing! Use the john on another floor, and take the stairs to get there.


Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep could seem sort of a waste of your time once you may be respondent emails or washing clothes; however correct rest is a vital ingredient to a healthy mode. Even as adults we want seven to nine hours of sleep an evening. Lack of sleep can lead you at serious risk for chronic health problems, according to WebMD, and it can affect your performance at work If you do not get enough sleep and cannot suppose clearly, it’s as a result of your brain hasn’t been able to totally re-charge and also the waste’s merchandise from all of your daily activities are still in the way.


Schedule Weekly Fitness Sessions

Don’t let sitting all day make for mayhem on your muscles. “Thirty minutes of high-intensity coaching once per week is all of your body needs to combat muscle loss (sarcopenia),” says fitness trainer and nutrition coach Tony Blair Wilson, an additional member of the Canadian Sarcopenia Foundation (CSF) over email. “In fact, your body needs up to 1 week to sufficiently recover and build muscle” you’ll be able to maintain a healthy physical exercise schedule with simply 30-minute physical exercise sessions per WebMD. The benefits go well beyond weight loss. Reduced risk of cardiopathy, higher sterol, and improve heart operate square measure simply some of the advantages of cardio exercise.

By following these steps, one can stay fit and live a healthy life. Because as it is said if you stay healthy, you can achieve anything but you are not fit enough then you can do nothing and have to depend on others to help always.

About the author:

Vivek Roy is an enthusiastic Yoga blogger and Traveller from India. He has done Yoga from yoga study centre Rishikesh. He loves to travel and share the knowledge of yoga around the world. For more information about him visit his website Sattva Yoga Academy.