About Us

Analyzing globally to bring you the best.

We are a digital media company sharing enriching content from around the world. We have a zest for knowledge and information that can enhance our readers outlook on life.

We don’t believe that any one person has all the answers to life’s questions. Therefore, we have thoughtfully filtered information from around the world to bring you insight from trusted sources. We ultimately want you to cultivate your own understanding, ideas, perspective, and knowledge to form your own opinion.

Everything shared on our platform is focused on personal transformation, professional growth, thinking big, gaining a new perspective, and helping you break through personal barriers so that you can truly reach your full potential. Our goal here at Hoo-Kong is to connect, motivate, and inspire you to complete your journey, and pay it forward by doing the same for those around you.

On July 1, 2017 we at Hoo-Kong launched “Thoughts”. We personally create thought provoking content for our readers.