Leadership | Alexis Davis

Alexis Davis is the founder and chief executive officer of H.K. Productions Inc., Hoo-Kong.

Davis holds a bachelor’s degree in International Marketing, a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Huntington University and a credential in Executive Coaching. She holds a certificate from the National Institution of Health in Protecting Human Research and was named to The Wall Street Journal’s Women of Note database as an innovative woman who shares her expertise and inspiration. In 2015, she was featured by American Express’s Thinking Outside the Box Forum.

Our digital media company Hoo-Kong was created by Davis to be a platform for individuals to discover, learn and grow.

Fueled by the desire to instill confidence in others, especially women and girls, Davis spends her spare time volunteering and donating her energy and resources to different causes. Having been bullied as a child, she is no stranger to the suicidal thoughts and feelings of worthlessness that accompany being on the receiving end of these behaviors. From physical threats to surviving a near-fatal BB gun incident as a child, Davis is all too familiar with the mental, physical, and emotional harm bullying can cause. That is why in 2015 she sponsored the suicide prevention stage play To Die Alone. She has also led pro-bono workshops on personal and professional development for disadvantaged youth in New York City and volunteers as an English conversation tutor at AAFSC, empowering women through literacy and language development. The cause she holds dearest to her heart is GED preparation at Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow where she assists adults in acquiring the academic skills necessary to lift themselves out of poverty and create a better life for themselves and their families.