Beautiful Ways to Increase Sustainability in Your Outdoor Patio

If you want to boost eco-friendliness in your home, you mustn’t neglect outdoor spaces. Luckily, making your patio green is not a hard task—it only requires a few tweaks and investments that will not only improve your sustainability but also the aesthetic appeal of your space. So, here are few things you can do to make your outdoor patio beautiful, cozy and green. 


Fill it with native plants

Bees are one of the most significant animals for our planet and you want to provide a good home for them in your outdoor space. So, plant plenty of native species that will attract insects and birds and encourage them to feed and pollinate plants. Choose brightly colored flowers for an extra attractive look. 


Go solar with lighting

In order to have a safe and pleasant outdoor environment that can be used all day long, you need plenty of lighting. However, regular bulbs not only waste a lot of electricity, but they also burn out pretty quickly. Instead, you can opt for LEDs or, even better, solar lights. These can charge during the day and provide you with pleasant lighting when the sun sets. And you don’t need any cords and additional costs. If you choose candles, grab those make with beeswax or soy wax—these are much more environmentally-friendly. 


Improve your paving 

If your patio flooring requires some work, it’s best to tackle it sooner than later. However, while regular paving options might not be super green, make sure to dig out a good option. One of these eco-friendly solutions is permeable paving. You can opt for permeable paving with Premier Pavers and expect not only visually amazing results but also help green up your outdoor space. This type of paving acts as a surface temperature regulator which prevents all the heat from being trapped in your yard. Additionally, it allows the water to pass through the material and go into the soil, which will result in better greenery hydration. 


Invest in good furniture

The key to a comfy patio is definitely furniture. But, not all sets are made equal! If you’re in need of some new or additional furniture, shop around for brands that practice green manufacturing. Some companies choose to make their products with eco-friendly fabrics (Sunbrella Fabrics). You might also want to opt for models that are high-quality and built to last. If you invest in quality products, it means you won’t have to replace materials, re-pain the product and ditch entire sets every few years. Less replacement means less trash on landfills and fewer new products being produced. 


Be smart with your fire pit

Many people love to fire up their fire pit and make hot dogs and roast marshmallows. If that’s your beloved practice, it’s best to stick to a wood-burning fire pit. Wood only releases CO2 that’s a normal part of the carbon cycle, so it can be considered carbon-neutral. It’s a better solution than coal-burning fire pits and barbecues, especially if you can get your wood from a sustainable and local lumber farm. 


Practice eco-friendly maintenance

Even if you made your outdoor space eco-friendly with above-mentioned tips, your work isn’t over yet. You need to keep it practical and beautiful with maintenance, so keep that part green as well. Rain will fall into your backyard no matter what you do, so why not use it the best way you can? Collect rainwater in rain barrels and you can use the water for watering your plants or your lawn or washing your car. Also, save water by sweeping instead of spraying your pavers and make sure to use natural cleaning products. Chemicals from products can get into the soil and damage entire eco-systems. You can also turn to mending and repairing rather than replacing pots, barrels, and furniture. 

With these eco-friendly changes and additions to your space, your patio will look better than ever and help the Earth recover. When you know your space is green, you will get to enjoy it much better. 


Tracey Clayton is a working mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor, and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”