Best National Parks to Visit This Year

If you want to ditch the city and experience some pure nature this year, you’re making the right decision. By visiting a national park, you’ll not only get to enjoy some of the best views but also learn plenty about nature, flora, fauna, and conservation. So, here are a few national parks to put on your to-see list for 2019.


Yellowstone, USA

This giant simply has to find its way to every national park list. Yellowstone is the first ever national park and it covers astounding 9,000 square kilometers. While it’s mostly located in Wyoming, it also extends into Idaho and Montana. It’s famous for its wildlife (bison, wolves, and bears) but it also has hundreds of geothermal features. There are also over 300 waterfalls and lakes to visit during your exploration. You’ll simply stand in awe of the true beauty and power of nature as soon as you step into Yellowstone.


Banff, Canada

If you’re planning a trip north, make sure to visit Banff, the first Canadian national park located in the Canadian Rockies. It’s spackled with huge mountains, fast and powerful rivers, glaciers and glass-clear lakes. Additionally, you can spot grizzly bears, moose, mountain caribou and even graceful bald eagles soaring above.


Serengeti, Tanzania

This one is for all animal lovers and photographers out there. The Serengeti is Africa’s most popular national park and safari spot where hundreds of wildebeest, gazelles, and zebras migrate every year. If you’re aiming for game viewing, expect to see everything from smaller grazing herbivores to giant elephants and giraffes to lions and leopards basking in the sun. Make sure to bring a good GoPro hero action camera that will help you document your adventures. The footage you record will become your most prized possession.


Torres del Paine, Chile

Definitely one of the best South American national parks, Torres del Paine is the star of Patagonia in Southern Chile. It’s otherworldly beautiful, filled with granite peaks, huge glaciers, and iceberg-dotted lakes. Make sure to pack some good hiking shoes and tackle the ‘W’ route, a 57-kilometer trail that will allow you to take a stroll through some of the most gorgeous landscape in the world.


Kakadu, Australia

If you want to enjoy nature, but also learn something about history, check out Kakadu in Australia. This national park has been home to Aboriginal people for over 65,000 years. The park itself is also unbelievably big—there are 20,000 square kilometers to explore! You can experience local culture and catch some of the best views of rivers and wetlands in Australia.


Doi Inthanon, Thailand

Doi Inthanon or “The Roof of Thailand” is a gorgeous national park near the Himalayas. It’s best known for its wild waterfalls, dark caves and huge mountains all perfect for exploring. Additionally, there are over 360 bird species that live in Doi Inthanon, so if you’re a passionate bird-watcher, make sure to visit this place. Flora lovers are also in for a treat with the blossoming Siamese sakura flowers that paint the trees completely pink.


Vatnajökull, Iceland

Planning a trip to Iceland can be very frustrating because there are so many amazing things to see on this little island. However, there’s one place you definitely need to visit—Vatnajökull National Park. This area is home to Iceland’s highest peak, which means you’ll get some amazing vistas. You’ll also get the chance to experience big glaciers. But, probably the biggest advantage of this national park is the peace and quiet it provides, especially in the summer and early fall. You’ll feel totally rejuvenated after your trip.

No matter which continent you choose and what kind of national park first your style, you’re bound to feel closer to nature and all of its inhabitants. So, pack your hiking gear and your camera and get ready to a true nature adventure!


About the author: 

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