Best Places in the World for a Romantic Proposal

Are you planning to pop the question? This important question requires a special location that will make your proposal an unforgettable memory for both of you. So, if you have no idea where you could bring your SO for your big day, here are some of the most romantic destinations to choose from.


Bruges, Belgium

Bruges’ Lake of Love is a logical destination that just has to be on this list. It’s idyllic, enchanting and super cute which makes it a beloved spot for proposals. Lake of Love is also home to a gorgeous legend of a young girl called Minna. The story goes that Minna died of heartbreak after falling in love with a boy from a rival tribe and she was never allowed to be with him. According to the legend, those who cross the Lovers Bridge while kissing will never be separated unlike Minna and her poor lover. What a way to start your marriage!


Central Park, New York

If you’re an active couple, your future spouse will not suspect anything when you rent some bikes and go for a nice ride through Central Park. You can make a stop at Bow Bridge and enjoy a romantic view of Fifth Avenue and Central Park West as rowboats glide underneath. There’s no better spot in NYC to pop the question! Make sure to bring some champagne and strawberries with you, find a secluded spot and celebrate your engagement in peace, relaxing in each other’s arms.


Paris, France

If your significant other is obsessed with The City of Light, take them to the top of the Eiffel Tower and drop on one knee. No one can resist the romance of Paris, the lights of the tower and a pair of gorgeous engagement rings that will symbolize your love. Make sure to hire a pro photographer that will take photos of you. Paris offers a perfect backdrop for some amazing photos and you won’t know what sparkles more, the city, your rings or your lover’s eyes!


Cinque Terre, Italy

If you prefer something a little more private than Paris, you can head to Italy and visit its colorful cliffside villages. Cinque Terre is a collection of tiny towns facing the ocean on the west coast of Italy. This is a perfect destination for both young and old couples looking for a perfect place to propose. You can hire a rowboat to take you on the water, organize a romantic al fresco dinner or propose right at the beach to the sounds of the waves and colors for the sunset.


St Lucia

If you prefer tropical destinations over Mediterranean ones, choose St Lucia. While Bali and Maldives are more popular, St Lucia is a paradise not yet occupied by hundreds of tourists and honeymooners so you’ll have more privacy. After your better half says yes, you can continue your vacation enjoying the beach, snorkeling and eating seafood and fresh fruit.



If warm weather isn’t your thing, yet you want to have a fun and adventurous proposal, visit Iceland. While you can visit the glaciers and explore black sand beaches, wait until you find yourself under the Northern Lights until you pop the question. With the love of your life in your embrace, this colorful light spectacle will look truly magical! Just make sure to choose the right time (between September and March or April) when the skies are clear and nights are dark. Icelanders are amazing people who love love, so your tour guide will be willing to help you find a perfect location without ruining the surprise.



If you organize your proposal at one of these destinations, your loved one will definitely say yes. And if you propose right as you arrive, you’ll have the best few days in front of you!


About the author:

Diana Smith is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in home improvement and the latest DIY topics. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.