Best Ways to Explore Australia

So, you finally decided to tackle Australia on your travels! Great choice! Australia is one of the biggest and most isolated countries in the world, but it’s still quite easy to get travel between cities and sites. Thanks to its developed network of roads, rails and hiking routes, there are various ways to get around and discover all the beauties of the Land Down Under.


By air

Australia is huge, like, really huge! So, if you want to travel fast from A to B and cover Australia’s large distance in a short time, it’s best to catch a flight. Domestic airlines like Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar, and Rex all cover state capitals and other regional cities. You can buy individual tickets on their websites, but booking a ticket through a specialist travel agent is much easier. These often cost less and confer additional security. Also, the competition between airlines is fierce, so you can end up with some great value fares, especially if you book your flight well in advance.


By bus

Bus travel in Australia is very comfortable, reliable and relatively cheap. Long-distance trips usually involve comfortable buses with air conditioning, adjustable seats, Wi-Fi and reading lights. There are even hop-on-hop-off passes you can get, especially for popular routes, as well as short trip passes, depending on the number of kilometers you’re planning to travel. Bus rides are a great way to explore Oz at a slow pace, look around, enjoy the scenery and relax.


By car

Australia can boast with an amazing network of road. All the roads all well maintained and easy to handle even for the beginner road trippers (some of the best road trips are located in Australia). This is also the best way to travel because it offers freedom you won’t get with any other type of transportation. Just make sure your car is in top shape before you embark and check your tyres (tires). You can get new and affordable tyres in Blacktown, Sydney and know you’ll be safe on your trip. Even though roads are great, having less-than-perfect tyres can result in a setback that won’t be easy to handle, especially when you’re in the Outback. Additionally, keep in mind the scale of Australia. For instance, Melbourne and Sydney are over 1000 kilometers apart—a whole day’s drive! So, plan your road trip carefully.


By rail

The Aussie train network is huge and well-maintained, but sparse. Traveling by train is convenient, affordable and comfortable, but not every place can be accessed by railway. If you plan your itinerary well, you’ll have a relaxing and scenic trip. For more information and prices, check out Seat 61 that will help you plan your route. There are also special rail journeys like The Ghan and Indian Pacific that offer a very romantic and nostalgic way to travel. They travel between Adelaide and Darwin through the Red Centre and between Sydney and Perth.



Australia is famous for backpackers and for all the right reasons. It has some of the world’s longest tracks and trails through gorgeous towns and natural beauties. Some of the longer journeys might take several weeks to complete and cover hundreds of kilometers! For instance, you can take the Overland Track through the wilderness or opt for the Larapinta Trail that will take you across the West MacDonnell Ranges. These hikes are a great way to discover all kinds of breathtaking landscapes, take in the vibe of Australia and get a spectacular workout!

Now that you know you have various options for exploring Australia, it’s time to pack accordingly and get going! Oz is big, and you’ll need plenty of time to see and experience everything on your bucket list for Australia. Good luck and safe travels, explorer!


About the author:

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