Couples Yoga: 5 Powerful Yoga Poses for Two People

Yoga, in Sanskrit, means “union”. Yoga aims at correcting and strongly aligning the physical body to the mental state, so as to reach a path to the spiritual self. The union is what was aimed for by the ancient yogis, nowadays, yoga is practiced to maintain a healthy balance of health, happiness and mental wellbeing.

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As yoga means union, one can be sure that a lot of poses for couples to practice and work on, exists within this practice. And it is always a good idea to practice yoga with your partner, as this signifies your journey as a couple into the road of wellbeing and prosperity.

Now we know that daily life can cause stress within a good relationship. Nothing is better than investing your time into something that will bring tangible wellness into both your lives and better the state of your relationship. I speak by experience.

When you can witness the journey of your substantial other, the efforts he/she makes, the pains they bear to work on themselves so that they can give you, the best version of themselves, I think nothing is more precious than that effort that they put in. and when this witnessing happens both ways, you grow and evolve together.

When you practice yoga together, you are in fact building on your trust towards each other, your strengths, and your intimacy as well. As you both start to synchronize your movements and your breaths, it generates a sensual, intimate flow that enhances your sexual energies.

Couple yoga may be a better way of working things out between the two of you and it works as a couple of therapy at the same time. If you have a head start into any sort of yoga, preferably hatha yoga, you can easily get started with a couple of yoga.

These are a few poses that you can practice as a couple, to enhance your energies:



1. Seated cow position:

To perform this pose, both partners must be seated in a cross-legged position facing each other. The knees must touch while seated.

Now grab each other from the forearms. When both are comfortably locked in this grip, start rocking back and forth.

The rocking must happen in a sequence that one partner should first pull the other partner towards them and the next step would be them leaning ahead towards their partner.

Do not pull or lean too aggressively, and remember to do this while your backs are straight and you are breathing comfortably.

After a few rocks back and forth; stay still in that grip and now each person must lift their chest in the upward direction, while still being seated in the same position.

Your heads may lean backward while performing the chest lift. You should perform each asana while breathing comfortably.

Now bring your chest back down and try to touch the chin to your chest while your back is straight.


2. Bound angle pose:

To perform this pose, partners must be seated in a butterfly legged posture with their backs touching each other.

Then one partner bends forward with their hands holding the butterfly pose and their backs straight, while the other leans on their back with their chest expanding and thighs apart.

While performing this asana makes sure that you are breathing freely and comfortably, there is no need to hurry so perform the pose in a flow and maintain a rhythm.

Now switch the pose with the other partner who was leaning forward is now leaning backward on their partner’s back.



3. Yab yum:

This is a very sensual pose, while not being a sexual pose. This pose is popularly found in tantric arts. Yab/yum translated in the Tibetan language would mean father mother.

So to perform this pose the wider and taller partner must be seated on the mat in a cross-legged position with the back straight.

The other smaller partner will now be seated in the cup of the thighs of the already seated partner with the legs crossed behind the backs of the seated partner and the backs straight. Now the two persons must touch their third eye area while eyes closed or gazing.

And they must breathe comfortably and freely.



4. Assisted backbend pose:

This is one of the most relaxing poses that work on trust between the two partners. To perform this pose the two partners must stand with their legs apart and comfortably resting their body weight.

Their backs must be touching each other and their hands stretched wide apart.

Now they must hook their arm at their elbows so that their palms are touching each other and their arms are crossed.

Now one partner must slowly stoop towards the floor while carrying the weight of the other on their backs.

This will stretch the chest and the arms of the partner who will be in the air. Remember to breathe comfortably and freely. Now switch poses.


5. Seated spinal twisting:

To perform this pose both partners must sit in a cross-legged position with faces backward and their backs touching each other.

Your arms must be stretched wide and palms touching the other’s palms. And shoulders must touch shoulders.

Now we are trying to create a rhythm here.

As one person’s left shoulder tilts forward and the right shoulder goes backward; the partner’s right shoulder goes back and the left shoulder goes forward. In this way, the spinal system and the arm muscles get stretched.

The upper body gets a good stretch. Alternate this movement a few times while breathing freely and deeply, for as long as you can sustain this rhythm.



About the author:

Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveler in India. He organizes 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh and Yoga Teacher Training in India. Bipin Baloni loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature, Himalayas, and Trekking in India.