Discovering a Hobby in Adulthood

People rarely take up hobbies these days. Yes, they watch a show here and there, and they might even partake in playing a multiplayer video game for an hour or two every night, but such activities do not exactly tickle one’s creative bone, and they rarely relieve stress.A creative outlet can do a lot to change the cognitive makeup of an individual, which is why discovering a hobby in adulthood is highly recommendable.



The upsides of a hobby

Hobbies are wonderful simply because there is no other incentive to engage with them other than your own free will and initiative. They are creative outlets just for fun, and they can also be incredibly potent ways to meet new, like-minded people. In other words, a hobby can be an enriching social activity as well. All of these aspects, should you begin to practice a hobby, promise improved wellbeing and strengthened cognitive integrity.



Ask yourself the right questions

However, if you want the hobby to stick, you have to do a bit of soul-searching first. Think about your values and what touches you on a deep, emotional level. Is it storytelling? Visual art? A sport, or contributing to the community? These are all good starting points for discovering a hobby that suits you best. Then, you should look into your past and see what sort of activities you enjoyed – you may rekindle that youthful joie de vivre once again by re-discovering the hobby you took part in as a kid.


Skills may lead you to concrete and specific answers

Then think about your skills – what are you good at? This is when the lightning bolt of inspiration may come down striking. Maybe you were good in art class! You can begin your project on the spur of the moment by easily ordering the finest canvass online and getting it delivered quite efficiently, while the “bite” of the creative bug still holds. The unplanned wave of inspiration is often the best kind. Did you enjoy the rush of blood to the brain during the football session? You may want to look for a local amateur league of your peers and purchase some equipment. The right answer usually lies somewhere between skill and enjoyment.



Small steps mean all the difference

The issue with taking up a hobby in adulthood is usually finding time for it. Do not expect that you will dive into a new hobby for hours on end every day. Your daily schedule will not allow it, at least during the first week, and you will have to relax yourself in some ways. After all, you are meant to add a whole new dimension into your life – something potentially life-changing.

The biggest effort is usually getting out of the rut of wasting time. Even though they are meant to be carefree activities that denote participation of your own volition, you may be putting your hobby off through small time-wasters such as YouTube videos, watching TV, or washing those dishes one extra time. Ease yourself in a hobby by carving out thirty minutes out of your leisurely hours – and place this at a very specific time. Do not expand beyond these thirty minutes during the first week and see if it works.



Search, find, try – and keep on searching

There is a possibility you might not have found the activity that perfectly suits you right out of the gate, but this doesn’t mean that you should give up altogether. In fact, the exact hobby that you need could be something related to the not-so-perfect one. Keep on exploring and, above all else, be honest with yourself. This simply has to be something you enjoy and something that requires investment of an effort, while still making you effortlessly happy.

One of the most enticing aspects of a hobby is that this is something that is entirely your own. You might be working for a large company, and your family certainly depends on your involvement every day, but your hobby can be that terribly coveted escape – a way to assert your individuality and an outlet to express yourself in the way that you, and only you, find perfectly suitable.


About the author:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in home improvement and latest DIY topics. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.