Full Home Renovation vs. Room-By-Room: How to Choose?

Home renovation projects all greatly vary in size and scope, but the thing is that they are usually inevitable. However, the main question that arises when any type of home renovation is concerned is whether it should be all done in a single go, or you should approach it room-by-room.

Now, although the end result of both projects will eventually be more or less the same, there certainly are numerous factors you need to consider before you embark on this journey and make your pick. Listed below are some major differences between these two approaches, as well as some things that will require special attention.


The duration of the project

The duration of the entire project will definitely be one of your crucial deciding factors. Full home renovations usually tend to last somewhat shorter than room-by-room renovations. Aside from the fact that your entire property is being renovated at the same time – meaning that every single room/problem area will have a team of experts working on it, a full home renovation is also much easier to organize in the first place. Simply the fact that you won’t have to chase down different contractors but can just hire a renovation company to take care of everything will make the entire project far less stressful.


The messiness of the project

It’s also important to consider the messiness of both projects, so to say. In a full home renovation, there will – at a certain point – be a lot of dust, dirt debris and overall mess in every single area of your home. On the other hand, with a room-by-room approach, the mess will migrate from one area to the other but the majority of it will manage to spread out even to the rooms that are not being renovated at that time. Now, depending on the renovation project itself, the extent of messiness will definitely vary. For instance, if you need to tear down an entire wall, the contractors will have to use sledgehammers and similar equipment which makes a lot of mess but is necessary to complete the task. However, if you simply need to cut a piece of the wall out, that will most likely require tools such as saw blades with various diamond blades that minimize the amount of mess they leave behind. Therefore, keep this in mind as well when deciding, because having to constantly clean your home is definitely not anybody’s favorite activity.


The cost of the project

Finally, the cost of the project can also vary significantly depending on the approach you decide on. While it initially can definitely seem more budget-friendly to approach the renovation project room-by-room, do know that – in the long run – this approach may actually prove to be more expensive. As mentioned before, if you opt for the room-by-room approach, you will most likely have to look for individual contractors for every single room, even more so if you decide to renovate a room a month, or even stretch out the project even further. On the other hand, if you decide to do everything at once, you can simply hire a renovation company that already has all the necessary contractors in their employ, which will not only make the project cheaper – because you’re hiring “in bulk” – but it will also last shorter and it will be much more convenient overall. However, if you opt for a full home renovation, do know that you’ll be required to pay for everything at once, so make sure you set aside the necessary budget.

As you can see, both of the approaches have their stronger and weaker points, so the choice between the two will basically simply boil down to your own preference, time and budget.


About the author: 

Diana Smith is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in home improvement and the latest DIY topics. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.