Fun Things to Do in Sydney This Winter

If your idea of spending this winter doesn’t involve hitting mountain slopes and warming up near a fireplace while watching snow-covered peaks, you should definitely consider visiting Sydney in that period. Why? Well, it’s in the southern hemisphere, which means it is about to get hotter down under.
Summer weather tends to draw people outdoors, and there aren’t many people who like spending time outside more than Australians, who have many good reasons to do so. There are so many fabulous opportunities for swimming, diving, snorkeling, and surfing, as well as social gatherings. So, if you’re planning on visiting Sydney this winter, here is what you might do there.


Outdoor cinema

One experience you are bound to enjoy is going to outdoor movies. The tickets might be more expensive than those for screenings at regular cinemas, but it’s definitely worth going and unwinding after a long and hot day. Just imagine yourself watching a movie on a big screen with Sydney Harbor as the backdrop! You can also get a bed as a seating option in case you’re looking for an even more memorable night out.



If there is one thing Australia is famous for, it has to be its beaches. Sydney is blessed with some of the most spectacular ones in the whole country, and there is no better way to spend a long summer day than sunbathing, swimming or honing your surfing skills. Check why so many people rave about Bondi Beach or find a more secluded one, depending on what you’re after, and you’ll remember your stay in Sydney for a long time.


Royal Botanical Gardens

Another great venue in Sydney, where you can really relax, unwind and learn something about the diverse flora in Australia, is among the most popular places in this great metropolis. You might even welcome 2020 here, but make sure you book your Sydney New Year’s Eve 2019 tickets in advance and choose the exact venue and party you’d like to go to.



Some people don’t like beaches, but still, need to refresh. A great way to do that is to visit a pool, but not just any traditional pool. If you’re trying to find a pool that can offer something unique, find one of many rooftop pools scattered around Sydney, and you’ll be treated with some of the most spectacular views while sipping your cocktail or beer by a pool. If, on the other hand, you prefer traditional pools, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Apart from various pools all over the place, you can even visit some of the beaches equipped with ocean pools.


Boating on Sydney Harbor

Those who want to see the city from a different angle should, by all means, consider taking a boat trip around the harbor. While enjoying some splendid sunshine and gentle breeze, you can see the city from the water or even join one of many boat parties that are regularly organized here. Regardless of whether you join a boat cruise or rent a boat with your friends, you will definitely have a great time. If that’s too expensive for you, use the special discount offered for ferry tickets on Sunday and catch one that goes around the harbor for a similar experience.

Sydney is a place that is definitely worth visiting and this winter (if you’re living in the northern hemisphere) might be the perfect time for your visit. Not only will you get a chance to see one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities that has so much to offer, but you’ll also escape the bitter cold and return home fresh and recharged. So, hurry up and sort out your ticket to Australia and start planning what could easily be the holiday of your lifetime.


About the author:

Diana Smith is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in home improvement and the latest DIY topics. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.