Who doesn’t love traveling? Who doesn’t like going to a distant and new land? It would be wrong, however, for us to assume that traveling simply involves going to a new place and trying to exist there for a little while. It is an intensive process of learning. You meet people, learn new things about the people there, the culture, the landscape, and even explore yourself beyond the bounds you have created within yourself. You must have heard a considerable lot of people telling how much of tranquility traveling offers an individual. The unfamiliar sounds, smell, and vision make a person’s heartbeat faster than it should. But in enjoying all of these beautiful things, one has to put a considerable amount of effort. Even the most enthusiastic of the travelers find themselves often tired and struggling with fatigue. This could be because of lack of sleep, improper intake of food, or rigorous physical exhaustion you put yourself through. Since traveling incorporates a great amount of walking and other movements, especially on an adventurous trip, your muscles might face inflammation or stiffness, which can make it difficult for them to function. This lethargy can become a serious problem and a bummer on your trip if you don’t take care of it since the very beginning. 

However, like to all the crises of your life, yoga is the solution to your travel lethargy. It helps in building blocks of energy in your body to keep the life force charged up always. It also activates your blood flow and elongates your spine, which would help you in staying fresh for longer periods of time. If you regularly perform yoga, it will prepare you to do the toughest of the activities there can be, even if it is Annapurna Base Camp Trekking

Below are the few ways yoga facilitates fighting fatigue while traveling.


Building stamina

Any kind of traveling demands a good amount of stamina from your end so that you enjoy the place better and to the fullest. By maintaining a healthy blood flow, it helps in reducing the occurrence of any prolonged fatigue. When you perform yoga, it involves your muscles, which in turn help in strengthening them and instills within you the desired amount of energy to keep you active. This will keep away the obstructions created by fatigue in enjoying the trip.


Helps you sleep better

Sleep becomes a problem for a lot of people who are traveling. A lot of people find it difficult to sleep on unfamiliar beds, in unfamiliar surroundings, and we don’t blame you for that. However, a lack of proper sleep can result in hampering your entire trip since you won’t be able to enjoy properly as you will be constantly drowsy and zoned out. To fix this, yoga helps in relieving the tension around your eyes and relaxes your eye muscles. It helps in fighting headaches and relaxes your body. When you are this relaxed, hitting the bed will instantly put you to sleep. Not only that, but yoga will also ensure that when you sleep, you get a quality sleep. It will ensure that you sleep deeper and longer without waking up multiple times in between or getting disturbed with a few movements and sounds in your surroundings.


Keeps you warmed up

When on a trip, you need to be constantly prepared for any physical activity, from walking to get your things to climbing on hiking trails. Regular practice of yoga will help your mind be clear and focused and, therefore, will keep you mentally prepared for the things expected of you. It will also condition your bones and muscles for extensive movements and stretching so that these things don’t come as a shock to you, and you don’t get tired quickly. One of the bonus points here is that this very practice will also help in reducing the chances of injury.


Reduction of stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be major causes behind your lethargy and fatigue. It drains your energy and fills your mind with negative thoughts, which paralyzes its ability to carry out body functions as well as restricts your chances to enjoy things. When on a trip, different situations may crop up, which may seem difficult to handle. The slightest of inconvenience can trigger negative thoughts within you, which can affect you and your trip on various levels. Practicing yoga will help in keeping your mind calm and relaxed. It increases the blood flow towards your brain, and the breathing enables you to carry a more focused and practical functioning of your thought process. This allows your brain to think rationally and helps you flush out all the negative thoughts of your mind so that you can be an active, mature, and responsible adult on the trip and generally in life.


Helps you genuinely enjoy

Sometimes when you don’t like something, you find yourself getting very easily tired doing it. These things might originally be very interesting, but because of your low mood or lack of focus, you miss out on certain activities and struggle with fatigue. Yoga helps in boosting the oxygen levels in your brain, which induces happiness and contentment. As it fills you with positivity, you will be able to enjoy your surroundings better and function on your trip with more vigor and enthusiasm.



About the author:

Bipin Baloni is a yoga teacher from India and his core specialization is in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga. He organizes 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and Yoga Retreats in Nepal. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda and Health.