How to Make your Airbnb Instagram Worthy

Having an online presence is an absolute must if you want your Airbnb home to be booked more often. Instagram is the best way to promote your business because 800 million people use Instagram to share more than 95 million photos and videos daily. This is a big opportunity for you to show your potential guests why they should book your home over a number of others. If your room or home has an interesting and authentic interior or exterior design, the guests will definitely want to share pictures and stories on Instagram. So, let’s see how you can make your Airbnb Instagram worthy and get more guests!


Bring natural lighting in your house

A house with big windows and natural light is perfect for taking photos because it’s the most flattering way to illuminate a space. Moreover, your guests will feel welcome and relaxed. However, sometimes it’s just not possible to let the light in, but you can always add lamps and recessed lighting to brighten up your home. Although it may take a little upfront investment, outdoor lighting is also important for your guests’ experience. For example, you can string a strand of globe lights across your patio or tuck it along your roof eaves.


Organize and prioritize

Guests don’t want to see your personal details in their room. Sometimes it is better to make it simple – a clean, organized room, with a sense of style. Nobody wants to see your paperwork or family photos, so put these personal things aside if you want your guests to feel comfortable. A simply designed space is trending on Instagram and rooms like these can be very effective if you make a good choice when it comes to the focal point, colors, and light.


Create a focal point

What is the first thing that your guests will notice when they enter the room? This could be anything – a fireplace, an artwork, a window. Why is this important for your Instagram profile? For example, both the new and the old generation will love vintage egg chairs. So, you might consider introducing a chic egg chair, and they will definitely want to post a photo of them on their Instagram profile with a description: “The best place to relax after a long day! #chill.” They will put the location and a number of people will keep coming to your profile. So, choose a focal point wisely, and you will see the results.


Give your home a personality by caring about details

Show your guests that you care about the details. You can do it by simply putting decorative items in a room, such as candles, plants, trinkets, or even by leaving a basket for couples that include champagne, chocolates and maybe strawberries. They will definitely share a photo on Instagram with a hashtag #warmwelcome. If you give your rental room the personality, it will set you up for social media success.


Upgrade your bathroom

The bathroom can easily become the most popular room in your house if you invest a bit time and money in it. For example, you can make a spa-like bathroom experience or simply add some upgrades such as pillar candles, pretty plants, oversized white towels, complimentary slippers, luxurious soaps, etc. If you paint it in a neutral color and put these details, your guests will keep posting photos of their ideal spa experience. Photos of impressive bathrooms are trending on Instagram, so give your guests a reason to share their experience with others.

People love to share their experience on social media platforms when traveling, and their accommodation is a part of their journey. Your guests will become influencers who can bring a number of new clients to you, but you can also lose potential guests if they have a bad experience. So, use these tips to create the best accommodation experience that your guests will love to share with others.


About the author:

Cooper Klein is an entrepreneur with a degree in Marketing. He’s interested in real estate and home decor. In order to spend more time with his family, Cooper decided to take a break, and he’s currently working from home as a blogger. You can find him on Twitter.