How to Pass Time While Traveling for Long Hours

People who travel a lot know how long and exhausting it can be. It doesn’t matter if you are waiting for your connecting flight, going on a vacation by train or bus, or if you’re seated alone on the back seat of a car. Luckily for you, there are many ways to deal with boredom while waiting to reach your destination, and we’ve put together a few:


Observe and enjoy

Remember the time when we were kids – traveling was our favorite part of the vacation, but the magic fades away as we get older. This doesn’t have to happen, and if you don’t think about your travels as something common, you will be able to find something to look forward to in every trip. Try to think of every travel as a unique experience and adventure, even if the view outside is well-known to you and you’ve seen it a thousand times already. Try to look at things with “fresh eyes”, and you’ll be able to see something different and interesting every time – different people, different animals, new trees… And, when you lose interest in things you can see outside, you can always focus on passengers around you and try to play the deduction game like Sherlock Holmes.


Have some fun

If you are new in long distance traveling, we are certain you will spend most of the time trying to entertain yourself any way you can. Luckily, there are many ways to do it: if you are into video games, you can bring a portable gaming system, or you can play games on your phone. Also, you could watch a movie or listen to your favorite music. Still, keep in mind that the others don’t want to listen to the same thing as you, so you’d better keep a set of good Focal Utopia headphones as well. In case you want to stay away from technology for a while, you could do some crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, or bring crayons and spend time coloring a coloring book.


Try to sleep

Sleeping is the most effective way to ‘kill’ a few hours, especially during long layovers while you’re on a long flight, or if you’re traveling by train through a desert so there isn’t anything interesting to look at. Make sure you bring a sleeping mask and a comfortable soft travel pillow to ensure you keep your head and neck in a comfortable position, and you’ll feel like you’re in heaven. Sleeping is perfect if you’re traveling alone because you won’t have to talk to strangers (shy people and those with anxiety will love being left alone). Make sure you protect your personal belongings, put your wallet and phone somewhere safe before you close your eyes and drift off to sleep.


Read a book or study

Books and traveling are closely connected, and they perfectly complement each other. A good book will become your favorite accessory no matter where you go, and there is a bookstore in pretty much every airport in the world. You will spend long hours lost in the adventures of characters and time will pass without you even noticing. In addition, you can also try studying for your exams or do your job evaluations, and the next thing you will see is that you’ve arrived at your station.

Even though traveling is fun and exciting, it can also be draining and boring, and you should always prepare something to keep you occupied, especially if you’re on a long flight or a train ride. Don’t rely on technology alone – bring a book, a couple of magazines and newspapers, and a notebook, too. You never know if you’ll be able to recharge your phone.



About the author:

Diana Smith is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in home improvement and the latest DIY topics. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.