Introducing a Spa Vibe to Your Bathroom

If you think your old bathroom doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore, it’s time to improve it and turn it into a spa paradise. Luckily, you don’t need too much money to give your bathroom a relaxing wellness vibe! Here are a few great ideas that will transform your bathroom into a private spa resort.


Boost natural textures

One of the main things you can notice in spas is their natural aesthetics, especially when it comes to textures. Many spas employ natural stone, wood and other natural elements like pebbles, sand, jute, and cotton to create a feeling of relaxation and serenity. Luckily, recreating this design in your own bathroom is relatively easy. Opt for natural stone for walls or sinks, warm wood for countertops and wall cladding and fill your space with cozy towels and bathrobes.


Opt for a darker color palette

Light spaces have intense energy to them that’s quite fetching, but your spa bathroom might benefit from a more laid-back vibe of darker colors. Think muted dark browns and relaxing dark grays which are natural and easy on the eye and allow you to achieve perfect relaxation. Plus, these shades are very popular today, so you’re in luck if you love to stay on-trend.


Ensure perfect functionality

Everything in your bathroom needs to work perfectly in order to achieve that right Zen vibe. You will never feel perfectly relaxed and content with a leaky and drippy faucet and a clogged toilet that might overflow any second. So, if you experience any blocked toilet issues, make sure to give your pipes a good inspection and even call experts to solve your issues. Damaged pipes can completely ruin your hard work and cause thousands of dollars in damage, so make sure to take care of them before you put finishing touches to your spa bathroom.


Separate zones

Spa bathrooms don’t feel like traditional bathrooms. They are less focused on functionality and more focused on well-being, relaxation, and peace. So, think of separating zones in your space, like creating a bathing zone, beauty zone and so on. For instance, you can place your tub in a cozy alcove or behind a divider. This way, you’ll get to completely concentrate on your spa experience instead of staring at the toilet while you’re trying to relax.


Boost comfort

Not many people think of introducing seating to their bathroom, but that little detail can completely transform your space from average to spa-like. Anything from a simple wooden chair or bench to a comfy armchair can really boost the comfort and style of your space. These elements will allow you to spend more time in your bathroom and make pampering much easier. Another thing that will bring your spa experience up a notch is a handy bathtub caddy or a tiny side table.


Add plants

If you want to further boost your spa vibe, but also make your space look and feel sophisticated, plants are the way to go. There are low-maintenance plants that love humid environments like bamboo, aloe vera and peace lily that will look amazing in your private spa. They will also clean out the air of toxins and leave your space rich with oxygen.


Finish off with a few details

These finishing details might not seem important, but they can completely transform your space. For instance, ditch your old bathmat for something more interesting like a cedar, cork or natural pebble mat. Additionally, put a few scented candles into your space and provide it with soft and relaxing music. There are many waterproof Bluetooth speakers that will bring music to your space without being too aggressive and demanding.

So, transform your bathroom and enrich it with an attractive and relaxing spa vibe that will do wonders for your wellbeing, beauty, and happiness. You will not regret your bathroom improvement efforts!


Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in home improvement and latest DIY topics. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.