Make a Multi-Level Garden for Instant Ambiance in Any Yard

Not all backyards are created equal, and that’s totally fine! If you don’t have a perfectly flat backyard to plant your garden, that’s actually not a problem at all. Today, multi-level gardens can be made super attractive and very dramatic with their unusual look. Also, they can be applied to almost any property size, since you can use the layered look to create an illusion of a larger area. If you’re interested in creating such a space in your backyard, here’s what to do.


Call the professionals

Unless you have some serious experience in gardening and garden design, it’s best to call professionals to handle your multi-level garden design. Unless you have a good plan of action, your entire project can end up being a total bust! But, pros will always know where to start and will be able to get that wonderful ambient look.


Clear out your space

The first step your garden designers will recommend is clearing out the space as it is now. All the plants need to be dug out and trees removed. If you want to keep some plants, you can, as long as you transplant them soon. Your area should be manipulated in a way that will welcome stairs and retaining walls.


Build retaining walls

Now comes the hard part, creating the footings for your retaining walls. Any multi-level design needs to have these walls that will decrease the gradient of your space and make it suitable for planting and creating seating zones and other garden additions. Retaining walls can be created from many different materials and made to look absolutely amazing. If you want to achieve that attractive stone look, opt for practical wall cladding for some added drama. These stone claddings come in many different colors and sizes, so you can completely personalize your space and even make these retaining walls the most attractive feature of your garden!


Add steps

If you love the look, you can blend your retaining walls with vertical gardens and create a very impactful look. Typically, this involves choosing smaller plants and shrubs at the front and opting for larger and denser types toward the back. In order to seamlessly and easily go from one level to another, you can incorporate steps into your space. These can be made of the matching material as your retaining walls, or you can choose to make them stand out with wood or concrete (if you’re aiming for a very modern look). These will improve the safety and usability of your space.


Create different zones

One of the best things about multi-level gardens is that you can create different zones in your space on every level (especially if you have a large garden to work with). For instance, one level could include a socializing seating area with a dining set and a fire pit for entertaining and chilling with your family. A small nook further along the garden will allow you to relax and enjoy those precious quiet moments with a good book and a cup of tea. Those are just some of the most common ideas, but you can assess your needs and create personalized zones perfect for your lifestyle.


Add a water feature

Want to boost ambiance in your multi-leveled garden? Opt for a water feature! A tiered fountain will be a perfect focal point in your space and will blend in perfectly with your many levels of design. A small waterfall at the top will draw the eye upwards while a small pond at the bottom will add some interest to the lower part of your garden.

See? Even if you have a hilly and awkward backyard, you can still create a perfectly cozy and attractive garden if you think multi-level. Call some landscaping pros today to assess your space and start your remodel as soon as possible!


About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a working mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor, and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”