Make Your Home Ready For Sale

Whatever reason you might have for deciding to sell your home, you will have a lot on your plate before the actual sale takes place. There is so much to think about: Is everything in order? Do you need a fresh coat of paint? Should you invest some money so that you can sell your home at a higher price? So many questions and so little time to find answers. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you make your home ready for sale:


Declutter like a pro

You have to understand that when people come to take a look around your house, they will look everywhere. They will open your cupboards and peek into your pantry, they will stroll around your bathroom and bedroom, and you should really try to reduce the clutter and put away your personal belongings. You might also want to remove some of the bigger items too just in case – wrap them up and place them in a storage unit. An uncluttered and empty (or at least empty-er) house will be more appealing because potential buyers will be able to envision their own furniture and trinkets there.


Clean thoroughly

Cleaning after decluttering is always the right move because you can finally reach the places and spaces you have been avoiding for a long time. Cleaning when selling your home should be much more thorough and efficient like you’re trying to bring a sheen to every single surface of your home. Make a list and go room by room (or consider hiring a professional cleaning crew to help you out). It’s important to do this just before your home goes on the market; otherwise, the dirt will pile up again. Floors, ceilings, tile grout, doorknobs, ledges, window blinds, ceiling fan blades, and every corner of every room should be perfectly clean.


Make it look good

If you’re not sure you’ll be able to achieve everything on your own, you might want to consider hiring professionals to help you make your home look good for potential buyers. You can easily hire property stylists and have them take over. They can make sure that your home looks impeccable and appealing to potential buyers and that everything is in order. They are especially important for people who want to have their home in pristine condition but don’t have the time or energy to do everything on their own.


Accessorizing is important

Every room should have accessories, but you don’t want to go over the top and make it look cheap and kitsch. Less is more, or so they say, so try to keep your accessories classy and color-coordinated. Decorating with houseplants is always a good idea because they bring life to a room and make it look cozy. If you already own houseplants, check to see if they’re healthy or if they’re scraggly and dying, and if latter is the case, replace them with new ones. Keep them in nice containers, jars, or pots that will draw people’s attention.


Set chill out zones

When strolling through your home, people will want to take a break and perhaps think about living there, so having casual “chill out” zones all over your home is a good idea. If you have a garden or a balcony, set up a tea service at a small table there (or keep one by the window that has the best view). The kitchen island should have a nice bowl full of fresh fruit on, and your dining room table could do with a vase that has fresh flowers.

When you decide to sell your home, one of the things you probably want to do is sell it as fast as possible. Having your home on the market for months without an offer being made is a nightmare, but if you follow our tips, you will not have to deal with that situation. On the contrary, your property will draw a lot of positive attention, and you will probably sell it successfully in a very short time.


About the author: 

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