Mark Cuban breaks the “myths” to success.

Article: Mark Cuban bust 3 of the biggest myths about what it takes to be successful in business ( 

Excerpt: “According to the self-made billionaire, following your passion is overrated”. –

Key Takeaways:

  1. Finding a mentor is overrated. Mark Cuban stated “A lot of people looking for mentors think, ‘Here’s the magic dust.’ Just get out there and sell something”. So many people are searching for mentors instead of getting to the task at hand or starting somewhere. Here at Hoo-Kong we believe that the best mentors are the books we read, insightful conversations we have, experiences we have, and lessons we learn.
  2. Following your passion is overrated. We have heard it time and time again “follow your passion”if you want to be successful, which for some has worked well and for others is a daunting process of trying to figure out how that passion will pay the bills. Mark Cuban states ” Ask yourself, ‘What do I have that makes it a no-brainer for people to buy from me?’ If your answer is, ‘I’m passionate,’ you’re in trouble.”