Packing Essentials for a Perfect Summer Vacation

Do you love to travel to the beachside but hate packing? Do you hate dragging your overfilling suitcase around your resort? Here’s a guide just for you that will ensure you have everything you need for a perfect vacation without overpacking your suitcase.



Pack some sun protection

Unless you want to risk a world of pain, embarrassing redness and even serious health consequences, make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen. A trendy pair of shades will also boost your sun protection and ensure your eyes are safe from harmful UV rays. Combine your sunscreen and sunglasses with a stylish wide-brimmed hat and you’ll look like the classiest beachgoer!


Protect your feet

You can’t spend your entire vacation barefoot at the beach! If you want to have the ultimate fun, pack a variety of footwear from flip-flops to wedge sandals for all kinds of activities. A nice pair of high heels will also come in handy when you want to have a night out and need to dress up. Some sneakers for hiking, city exploration and shopping trips are also a must-have vacation necessity.


Suit up and cover up

Summer vacations are usually concentrated on the beach, so make sure to pack some quality swimwear. You can flaunt your lush curves in a chic plus size bikini and enjoy the beach in style. Combine it with a light sarong so that you can hit the bar straight from the ocean! But, having to put a wet and sandy swimsuit on for your afternoon beach outing is the grossest thing ever, so make sure to pack at least two suits you like.


Bundle up

No matter how warm your destination usually is, some warmer things will certainly come in handy during the evening. Also, you never know when a rainstorm might hit and leave you cold and soaking wet. So, it’s always smart to have a pair of jeans, a windbreaker and a light sweater in your luggage. Use compression bags to keep these bulky items from hogging your suitcase.


Tech up

No matter how active your summer vacation is, you’ll always need some downtime. So, don’t forget to bring your iPad and e-book reader and fill them with movies, TV shows, books and magazines. It’s less bulky than packing paperbacks and stacks of magazines for sure! You might also want to relax or get the party started with some good tunes. So, an iPod or any other MP3 player is a must.


Come back home with a ton of photos

If you want to truly make your memories last forever, make sure pick a good camera for your trip. Good photos will not only make your Instagram come to life, but also fill your photo albums and serve as a beautiful reminder of your adventures. If you’re traveling with kids, you can also grab an easy-to-use, durable kids’ camera they can use whenever they want. This will protect your good equipment from your little cuties and keep them entertained for days.


Stay Charged

Since you’re bringing all your gadgets with you on your vacation, you must keep them charged. But if you don’t want to carry a whole separate suitcase for your chargers and cables, invest in a multi-gadget charging station. This will also minimize outlet wars when you all come back from the beach with devices gasping for power.


Don’t neglect your health

While you might be concentrating on having fun and looking chic on your vacation, bacteria and viruses don’t really care about your plan. So, make sure to come prepared with a small first-aid kit that contains everything from allergy medication and painkillers to bandages for minor cuts and scrapes.

These are the bare essentials of every successful and stress-free summer vacation. You’ll not only look stylish at the beach but also travel light!



About the author: 

Diana Smith is a full-time mom of two beautiful girls interested in home improvement and the latest DIY topics. In her free time, she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.