Retail store layout tips: how to design an unforgettable customer experience

If you want to boost your sales, you need to do more than just provide your customers with quality products. Nowadays, buyers search for an immersive experience, which means that store design plays a crucial role in appealing to them. A thoughtful, visually stimulating design can contribute to customers’ experience and help you increase your conversions. Keep in mind that it will take just a few seconds for your customers to decide whether they want to stick and look around and then make a purchase.

Set up the perfect storefront

First things first, you need to inspire your customers to actually visit your store and designing the perfect storefront is the way to do it. This requires you to know your target audience and create a storefront that will appeal to them. Understanding your target audience will enable you to motivate them to enter your store.


Find a functional in-store layout

Once your customers step inside, they should be able to easily get around and find items they need. Your store layout should provide them with a great traffic flow that will be suitable for the already established patterns. For instance, customers tend to move counterclockwise in the United States, while a clockwise pattern is more prominent in Australia, Japan, and the UK. It’s important that you lead your customers in the right direction and direct their gaze. This requires you to research and understand the basic in-store traffic patterns.


Include helpful signs

If you have a large store, you need to help your customers find what they’re looking for. You can achieve this by implementing in-store signage that will break your store space into different departments and direct your customers. Your signs should be eye-catching, visible and informative, letting your customers know about new arrivals, special promotions, etc.


Pay attention to lighting

Lighting your store properly is important for creating a suitable, pleasant atmosphere and highlighting your products. Don’t skimp on quality lighting because it can affect your customers’ in-store experience. In addition, if your lighting fixtures give off an unpleasant glare, your customers won’t think twice about turning around and leaving your store.


Hire professional help

Designing the perfect store requires you to do a lot of research and understand different design strategies. Hiring a reputable retail business architecture firm will help you provide your customers with a truly exceptional in-store experience. Experienced professionals take different factors into considerations, from store architecture, fixture design and other visual factors to background music, staff uniforms, and even packaging. It’s important that you design a store that will appeal to your target audience, incorporate and reflect your brand and ultimately lead to increased conversions. Without proper experience, you can make mistakes that will reduce your conversions.


Create a pleasant, cozy and welcoming atmosphere

From the moment your customers step inside to the moment they leave, they need to feel comfortable and enjoy spending time shopping in your store. You should keep the temperature at the perfect level – your customers shouldn’t feel too hot or too cold. Your store should have a pleasant, inviting and airy atmosphere. Your staff should be available to your customers, but they shouldn’t follow them everywhere they go. Of course, don’t forget to pay some background music at an appropriate volume.


Design a convenient dressing room

If you own a clothes store, the dressing room is where shoppers decide whether to buy an article of clothing or not. They’ll stand in front of a mirror, take a look and decide right then and there. Therefore, you shouldn’t neglect the design of your dressing room. It should be comfortable and spacious, with enough room for your customers to set aside their belongings. Mirrors should be positioned perfectly and provide them with a flattering reflection. If they feel attractive in a piece of clothing, the sale is made.


Include helpful amenities

Providing your customers with additional amenities is not only a helpful addition, but also a necessity. Nowadays, retail stores include Internet access, entertainment options, such as magazines and even TVs, kids’ play areas, beverage stations, comfortable seating, etc. Including these special amenities in your store will ensure an exceptional customer experience.

The design of your retail store affects your customers’ experience, so you need to make sure that it provides them with all the necessary amenities, appeals to them visually and finally inspires them to make a purchase.


About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a working mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor, and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”