Social Media 101 for Businesses | Common Mistakes To Avoid

Nowadays, social media is a big deal, not only in one’s private life, but also in the business world. We all know how great it is when you can post something about your service or product because it will immediately reach millions of people. Nowadays, social media is a big deal, not only in one’s private life, but also in the business world. We all know how great it is when you can post something about your service or product because it will immediately reach millions of people. However, there is always a risk that social media can destroy your business in a matter of seconds. That’s why it’s crucial that you learn about some common mistakes that business owners tend to make when it comes to running social media business pages.


Spamming users

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to promote your work; however, it often happens that business owners assume that that’s all there is to it. Stop right there! Social media isn’t only an advertising tool, it’s a communication channel that offers you a great way to earn your customers’ trust. Don’t spam them with annoying messages in which you tell them to buy something or sing praise to your products or services. Instead, give them a reason to stay and come back to your social media business page, maybe even recommend your company to some friends. Provide them with useful content that they will be eager to share and talk about.


Low activity

On the other hand, it’s not good for business if you aren’t active much – or at all – on your social media business pages. Look at it from the customers’ point of view – would you stay on a Facebook page of a company that didn’t post anything new in five days or weeks, or would you rather check out the other companies that can offer you the same products or services? Point taken. You have to engage people to talk about your business and social media is a perfect channel for that! Make your own video clips of products and services your company is offering. Add a few catchy hashtags on Instagram and join the conversations on Twitter.


Bad customer service

Your job isn’t finished after you’ve posted high-quality content. In a world of social media, there are always some potential customers who will see your posts and probably have some dilemma about them. If they send you a message with a few questions about your products or services and you don’t answer them, it can affect your business in a very bad way. Same goes for ignoring your customers’ comments. If you don’t reply to your clients, you will lose them sooner than you think and, even worse – they may pull a few more people with them by writing a bad review of your work. That’s why you should answer their questions and resolve their dilemma. Once you do that, they will be loyal to you, and even recommend your work to others.


Not measuring important indicators

Business social media pages require hard work, but if you don’t have a plan of measuring and tracking down your online results, then you have a big problem. The first step to fix that is that you define key performance indicators for your business, i.e. shares, comments and number of likes. Once you do that, it’s time for precise social media analytics to do their job. You will get a qualitative and quantitative insight into your social media data that will help you beat all the competition!


Bad social personality

Whenever you post something on social media business pages, you have to keep your audience in mind. For example, if you run a dental clinic, posting gifs or videos of a dog yawning or ducks sleeping on your business Facebook page can look ridiculous and ruin your reputation. It’s of the utmost importance that you remember that business social media pages are no place for discussing your personal thoughts, controversial, religious or political issues. Be professional and give your audience content that’s related to your business and can be of use to them.


Bad grammar and misspelling

We are all humans and we all make mistakes when we write something. However, it will portray your business in a bad way if you don’t pay attention to your grammar and spelling. Double-check your posts before you publish them. Hire a proofreader who will also check for grammar errors and misspellings. A text full of errors will lead the audience to make fun of you and that’s definitely not good for your business.


Employees’ social media activities

Running a business isn’t easy and the same goes for running social media business pages. Your business may go down because of the things your employees post about work on their social media networks. Therefore, you should talk to them and make them realize that they are not allowed to discuss the company’s work on social media without appropriate authorization.


Dealing with bad reviews

An unsatisfied customer is always bad for business, but it can get even worse in the Internet world. People may complain about your products and services, and portray a bad picture of your company. First of all, stay calm and cool down before you reply to them. Anger can make you say something that you will regret and once you realize it, it’s too late. Reply to every bad review in a polite, professional way because that’s how you will show the clients that their opinions matter. If you see that it’s not working, give your honest apologies and delete the bad review.


Unqualified administrators

Running a business social media page is completely different from using social media in everyday life. However, business owners still tend to give the task of running a business page on social media to unqualified people or interns. Before they realize what’s going on, inexperienced administrators will post a video of their drinking competition with friends on a company’s business page! Hire a few people who already worked as social media managers and are familiar with running business social media pages.

If you manage to avoid all the mistakes mentioned above, you will promote your brand in a brilliant way, engage the audience to talk about your products or services, keep the existing customers and attract new clients. Always remember to stay professional, calm and responsible, listen to your audience and work diligently on providing the best possible content to all your followers.  


About the author:

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in home improvement and latest DIY topics. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.