Spring Break Cruises for Every Traveler and Every Budget

In case you’re looking to go on a spring break vacation, there’s nothing better and more convenient than going on a cruise. And what’s best, you can choose the cruise depending on your budget. So here are some cruise ideas that you might want to consider:


1. From Barcelona to Rome

If you’re a fan of Italian and Spanish culture, this cruise is perfect for you. Give yourself an opportunity to enjoy great cuisine, prepared by the best chefs, while cruising the Mediterranean. Also, you’ll get an amazing selection of great wines, so if you consider yourself a bit of an oenophile, then choosing this type of cruise will let you taste a wide variety of wines while enjoying the Mediterranean sun. Even though you’ll definitely have a chance to dip your feet in the sea, it’s worth mentioning that ships offer swimming pools, water parks, and fancy bars.


2. Norwegian fjords cruise

Norway is considered one of the coldest countries where temperatures can go well below zero. Yet, many people aren’t familiar with the breathtaking charm of Norwegian fjords, which is a shame since there’s a lot to see there. Cruises that go do fjord trips have a lot to offer: a lot of dining choices and great entertainment. In case you prefer a colder climate and the beauty of Scandinavian nature, then visiting Norway is an excellent idea. Some fjords are also included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list, and for some people, there’s nothing more magical than seeing the ice glaciers hanging down. While traveling fjords, you’ll also be able to see Oslo, Bergen, and Ålesund.


3. French Riviera

Ah, the French south. A place where you can find gorgeous places, movie stars, rich people, and some of the best restaurants. If you opt for this cruise, you’ll surely visit Cannes, Nice, and Menton. Also, some shore excursions are really fun and worth experiencing. Whether you choose snorkeling, scuba diving or visiting Mount Etna, there’s no doubt that you’ll find something valuable and exceptional to do. On the other hand, if you prefer something a bit different from the sea, you might be interested in luxury barge holidays in France. Hotel barges used to be old cargo boats that have been renovated and turned into all-inclusive mini hotels on water. If you feel like cruising French rivers while admiring gorgeous nature, then opt for a barge holiday instead of a more traditional cruise trip.


4. Perth to Hong Kong

If you feel like going somewhere different from Europe, then Perth to Hong Kong route is the right choice for you. Starting in Perth, this magnificent cruise will go to Singapore, where you’ll be enjoying Buddhist temples and Arab markets. This place has so much to offer so you definitely be bored. Next, you’ll visit Ho Chi Minh, a lively and busy city full of friendly faces waiting to greet you with warmth. After that, the next stop is Nha Trang, a popular Vietnamese seaside resort, where you’ll be able to lounge on white-sand beaches and swim in the crystal clear blue sea. Finally, you’ll reach Hong Kong, a financial and business hub of Southeast Asia, where you’ll indulge in shopping and walking the narrow streets, where you’ll encounter charming fortunetellers and street vendors. While there, you should stay in a luxurious Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, a place that offers many international restaurants, and other great facilities such as a dance hall, fitness room and an outdoor swimming pool.


5. A healthy cruise

This one’s a bit different as it requires you to be into wellness and some exercise. That’s right, healthy and wellness cruises are the big thing now. So, if you feel like you’re not doing enough for your health book this cruise where you’ll have plenty of activities such as spin classes, yoga and instead of leisurely sight-seeing, your excursions will be all about biking and hiking. As for food and drinks, prepare to be served green smoothies instead of cocktails, while eating healthy and locally sourced food from ports. These cruises are basically floating gyms and wellness centers, so if you find yourself longing for a mindful trip, a healthy cruise will help you feel good about yourself while doing all the things you usually postpone doing at home.


About the author:

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