Tips On Creating a Family-Friendly Outdoor Space

Every family needs a little oasis of peace where they can gather around and bond with each other, and if you’re of a mind to utilize your outdoor space for this purpose, you won’t go wrong. There’s nothing better than relaxing in your garden or backyard and enjoying nice weather, especially if your loved ones are there to keep you company. Are you looking for ways to create a safe, comfortable outdoor nook that everyone can enjoy? Then take a look at our tips and you’ll learn about the things you need to make your own little slice of paradise.


1. Designate a space for everything

It’s a good idea to designate a specific space for everything if you want to avoid a messy, overcrowded yard. Pick a spot for children where you can build them a small tent or a branch teepee, bring in a kids’ pool, or simply pick a clear spot where they can play football. You’ll also want to keep the barbecue area separate and protected, so the best spot for it would be a portion of your patio. One last spot should be reserved for social gatherings and relaxing afternoons. As long as you divide things this way there’ll be some semblance of order and neatness. 


2. Find some beautiful furniture

Of course, you can’t create a cozy spot without some good furniture, and while you can keep it all simple and bring out a few plastic chairs, it’s going to look much better if you invest in club sofas with wicker frames and soft cushions. These and a long coffee table should be enough to create a nice little area where you can entertain your guests. If you like, you can also put up a hammock in the backyard, and bring in a porch swing or a couple of rocking chairs for those long afternoons where you like to settle in comfortably and read a book.


3. Protect the area from the sun

This is absolutely essential, especially if you have children who rarely remember to apply sunscreen before rushing outside to run around in the middle of summer. A retractable roof on your patio can serve this purpose well, but a much easier option is probably a canvas sail. You can find plenty of great shade sails online, so pick the one with a nice pattern to match your furniture and have it installed so it protects as much of your backyard as possible. You should also consider planting a few more trees and shrubs—not only will they bring in even more shade, but they’ll make the air fresher and hide your home from the gaze of nosy neighbors. 


4. Don’t forget atmospheric lighting

What’s a patio without some atmospheric lighting to set the mood and make those evening gatherings feel even more intimate? String lights hung up along the roof and weaved around the fence can give everything a magical glow, but you can also utilize lanterns or DIY tiki torches. Just make sure everything is either high up and out of children’s reach, or fixed firmly to a surface so it can’t easily be disturbed. 


5. Start a little DIY project with the family

To keep the atmosphere homey, start a little project with the children and make a birdhouse together or use a small section of the garden where they can plant something of their own. This will make them feel more included in the design, and they’ll want to put in an effort and help cultivate and take care of the outdoor space to make sure it stays beautiful. 


Author’s bio:
Robert Clayton is a blogger with a degree in engineering based in Sydney. His interests and passions include DIY, green technologies and home improvement. He also loves good food, music, dogs and enjoys spending time by the ocean. He’s a regular contributor for Smooth Decorator, An Australian Home improvement website.