Treat Your Soul To 7 Of The Best Feel-Good Activities

Life is a true balancing act. Every individual has to devote their attention to professional, personal and spiritual growth. Most of the time, the lines between these areas are blurred. Often times professional growth becomes the center of our attention. As a result, our personal or spiritual side suffers and we don’t find joy.

But, if we truly wish to succeed in all areas of life equally, we have to find the time for joy-inducing activities. Here’s the list of seven feel-good activities that are simply good for the soul, mind and the body.


Mix up your everyday routine

When we fall into a rut, we no longer see beauty in the smallest things. We just go through the motions, without thinking about our routines. So, include small changes into your routine. Take a different path to and from work. Greet your neighbors in the morning and strike up conversations whenever an opportunity presents itself. Take your lunch outside instead of eating in front of a screen. Invite a colleague to join you so you can deepen your professional bond. Aim to change those routines you go through on auto-pilot. When you mix things up in your day, you stimulate your mind differently and become more present.


Elevate your mood with a nourishing smoothie

A delicious smoothie can be just what your body needs first thing in the morning. It can fuel your body with the right ingredients and give you an energy boost. This healthy indulgence will be joy inducing and soul nourishing.
For this healthy indulgence, you’ll need: one bananas, some spinach or kale, some mint leaves, coconut water or just regular water, a few almonds and half a cup of frozen berries. If you want to increase the percentage of protein, you can add one scoop of flavorless protein into the mix. Mix it all up in a blender and enjoy sipping this tasty and nutritious smoothie.


Make a list of things you need to let go of

Purging our emotions of the things we need to let go can be powerful for the soul. Take a piece of paper and list the things that bother you and no longer serve you. Focus on some past experiences that still play in your mind but should be long forgotten.
Also, include those nagging negative thoughts that ruin your mood every time they cross your mind. Once you finish the list, put the pen down and read them out loud. Think about them for the last time and try to remember the emotion they cause. Close your eyes for a few minutes and meditate a bit. Think of a happy place where your soul feels warm.
After this short meditation, light this piece of paper on fire and forget about these negative thoughts as the paper burns away. Your mood will improve instantly and you’ll be able to move on.


Plan a home staycation

Traveling is good for the soul. It fills you up with new experiences and positive energy. Unfortunately, we can’t do it all the time. A home staycation is the easiest way to unplug without going anywhere. If you do it well, it’ll feel like you went away for a few days and returned fresh and rejuvenated. But, it only works if you put your phone away and truly disconnect for a day or two.
Then, start by setting the mood right. Play some soothing or tropical music in the background. Light up some scented candles and incense to stimulate your senses. Prepare a cocktail you enjoy drinking when you take the time off for your soul. Once the mood is set, sit somewhere comfy and dive into that book you’ve been dying to read. Just keep your feet up and enjoy this me-time. Finish the day with a nice hot bath while all pent up tension slowly fades away with each deep breath.


Take yourself out

When was the last time you decided to try something on your own? People always seek companionship because they feel ashamed when they have to do something on their own. If you are like the majority of people, you’ve probably never been out on your own.
So, if you want to try something new and inspiring, try visiting a new art exhibition on your own. You can also visit a new coffee place that everyone’s been talking about. This can bust you out of your auto-pilot and allow you to experience something new.
You can also travel to a nearby city you’ve never been before, play a tourist and get out of your comfort zone along the way.


Tweak your diet for the week

We’ve already mentioned that a smoothie is a great way to fuel our bodies in the morning. We can extend this healthy routine to one week and try a different diet altogether. Not only does the food fuels our body, it also nurtures our soul.
Food can also be a source of joy and bliss if we choose our meals wisely. If you want to give your body a completely new experience, you can start a completely new diet for a week. Start with a keto intro pack and see how your body functions on a fat based diet that is low in carbs. This high-fat-low-carb diet can help you lose weight and reduce weight. Moreover, it will reduce anxiety, improve sleep and give you a chance to reset your carb cravings.


Play with a pet

Love and companionship are two words that perfectly describe having a pet. Any anxiety, depression and stress you might experience can be erased when you play with a pet. Even the smallest amount of play time with your dog or your friends (if you don’t have one) can elevate your mood and fill your soul with joy.

When you feel low on energy and you need a boost, carve out at least an hour in your day. Don’t let anything distract you because it’s high time you engaged in some feel-good activities. These seven activities will be a treat for your soul. They will also feel you up with positive energy so try to add them into your life right now.



About the author:

 Mianna Korben is a passionate writer currently living and dreaming in Europe. “Coffee is my fuel, while words are my tools to empower you to become the best possible version of yourself and live your most fulfilling life.”