Yoga Poses to Strengthen the Back

Do you ever get the voices running in your head that says, “I’m always so tired”? Well, you have joined thousands of millennials who are always-so-tired. And they’re helpless because they don’t have quick solutions to ease their tiredness. Food gets ordered quicker in any case. But tiredness takes much longer to lessen. So we are left with our tired spines and even more tired life. But the perks of living in the 21st century are many, including fixes that are passed on to us by ancient, really ancient ancestors, who were getting increasingly annoyed by sitting on a rock the whole day. So they invented yoga to ease their backs. As the old saying goes, your spine gets to decide the rest of your life, we will try to help you achieve back management in this blog. To save our crumbling millennial life, overloaded with back-hurting chairs, we’ll not ask you to pack your bags right away and take a decent yoga teacher training in India. Not yet. Instead, we’ll give you some delicious yoga poses that anyone can do easily, and are also designed to make your spine happy. So hop on to your yoga mat, it’s time to strengthen the back.


1. Downward Dog

The new-age modern mystics of yoga vouch for this amazing asana. As part of the sun salutation practice, the downward dog is where you stretch from head to toe, helping your spine form a long elevation to the heavens. Doing downward dog is an instant back-pain reliever and increases your blood flow to the brain too! So go ahead and do the best downward dog in the town. 


2. Cat/cow pose

A classic tabletop position for many yogis, cat/cow is where you bend like a cow and stretch like a cat to allow your spine for some relaxing. And you do all of that using your breath so that it assistsin a gentle flow. This asana can be an awesome bedtime yoga routine to help you relax and decompress all tensed muscles around the back. 


3. Bow pose


Dhanurasana or a bow pose strengthens muscles around the spine and activates your abdomen and thigh muscles too. If you’re interested in slightly adventurous yoga asanas, then bow pose is a perfect place to be in. It increases blood circulation around the back, leaving you energized and active to kickstart your day. Get, set, and make a perfect bow pose. 


4. Bridge pose

Bridge pose is the mother Mary of Yoga. Simple and innocent, this asana is for anyone who constantly suffers from back pain and cannot afford much flexibility. Just find a place to relax and form a bridge pose to strengthen your back, relieve muscle pain, increase blood circulation and de-stress too! 


5. Camel pose

Camel pose or ustrasana is where you reach to the skies by bending your spine towards gravity. A picture reference will help you understand the simplicity of this asana better. Just when you’re about to give up on your spine, try this asana and alleviate back pain, improve posture and strengthen your thighs to face the world again, minus the back pain. 


6. Bharadvajasana’s Twist

The asana is quite simple, unlike its name. All you have to do is sit on the yoga mat and twist your legs and arms around to open your spine. Let all tensed muscles loose as you sit in a comfortable posture and slowly twist and turn to this asana. Its god sent when you cannot afford massage therapy. 


7. Eagle pose

Eagle pose or Garudasana is a great beginning to restart when you have officially stopped playing in life. Stand erect on the mat and twist your limbs to a point where you start looking like a tree. Align with your breathing as you gently wrap your arms before your face. This asana is a great exercise if your upper back has gotten numb to a point that a colleague’s pat on the shoulder mostly goes unnoticed. 


8. Plow pose

Plow pose is what happens when you want to reach to the limits of yourself. A classic yogi stretch that requires practice and perseverance, plow pose is what gives total back relief if you’re willing to work on it. That’s the only condition, perhaps. So roll out your mat and bend your back to a point that you end up facing your pelvic floor. This is a great exercise for women who suffer from menopause. This asana also strengthens your back and neck muscles. So, go ahead and plow!


9. Seated forward fold

A classic seated forward fold is where you stretch your entire back and feel your spine lengthen through the forward fold. This asana is a great relaxation tool if you don’t have enough time to come to the yoga mat. Just before you go to sleep, gently reach for the toes and breathe in, breathe out to ease the back pain.


10. Child’s pose

 Child’s pose seems like you’re giving up on something except that you’re not. Any passerby would be concerned if you did that on the road. So we suggest that you find a place to relax, such as your bedroom, and gently unroll to the ground. Kneel and sit on your feet and make a bow to earth by stretching your arms as far out as you can. Your back will thank you later. 



About The Author:

Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveler in India. He conducts Ayurveda courses in India in different cities. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature, Himalayas.